Free Upgrade to Windows 10 – Clean Install with Format Method by TheTechnoMack   1 year ago


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How to wipe and install a clean copy of Windows 10, step by step:
1. Backup data
2. Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from
3. Create a Windows 10 Installation .iso file then burn it to DVD or USB Key
4. Do an UPGRADE from the DVD or USB Key you just created
5. After the upgrade is complete, make sure Windows is activated by going to Start, Settings, Update & Security, Activation
Make sure Windows is activated* before proceeding to the clean installation in Step 6
* You can force activation if necessary by running Admin CMD slmgr.vbs /ato
6. Boot directly to the DVD or USB Key you created
7. Remove all partitions and install Windows 10 to the empty hard drive
8. Reinstall all programs and restore data