Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana Walkthrough by Old Guy Geek   3 years ago


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Here's a look at the setup and features of Windows Phone 8.1 new personal assistant, Cortana.

There are a lot of features, so I've only touched on the most practical first. The integration of Cortana and Bing is so seamless that it provides an experience that is not only functional but pleasing and even funny at times.

I only cover about 8 basic functions but there are hundreds of combinations where you can initiate calls, check flight status, check weather and the like. Again, the possibilities are endless.

So, when Windows Phone 8.1 is released, don't hesitate to check out Cortana. You'll actually be able to remove a lot of your tiles simply because she can do the job faster and better. No need to scroll through your screen to find the tile.

Now, when will they release her for the Xbox?

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