[HD] HALO 4 Cortana shows her love to John 117 by TheMascatul   4 years ago


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This is the end cutscene of Halo 4 , where John leaves again without Cortana (like in Halo 2) , but this time , I'm not sure if she survived or died that explosion or John will come back for her ... Hope that she will appear again in Halo 5 , then in 6.

This cutscene was really touching , heavy and very sad , where Cortana , in my opinion , I'm not sure if she passed to the fourth stage of rampancy , wich is " metastability " , where she " becomes " like a real person , showing how much she cares about John.

LINK to my nice and cool tribute about Cortana and John: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLVR-LBcpm8


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