Windows 10: How To Change The Default Language by YourKnowHow   1 year ago


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This video shows how to change the default operating system language of the freshly released Windows 10. I hope the tutorial is helpful for some of you guys.

It can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Open the settings by clicking on "Settings" in the start menu.

2. Select "Time &Language" (Clock icon with two characters).

3. Now select "Region & language" on the far left side of the screen.

4. Click the litte "Plus/add" - Symbol ('+') and select the language you want your Windows 10 to display. If your language contains local variations, you should be able to select the preferred one in the next screen.

5. To actually download the language package (if not already done) click on your language and choose "Options" (the centered element).

6. Now you can select, what parts of the language pack you want to download (at least choose "Basic Typing" - if not already selected). This may take a while depending on your internet connection.

7. Go back to language overview and click on your language. Now select "Set as default".

8. After the next login your Windows 10 version will be successfully in the newly selected langue.

I hope you enjoyed, please leave a rating and if you have any Windows 10 related questions, ask them in the comment section below.